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I have all types of skimmers available :    ( USB ) ( Bluetooth ) ( GSM ) plus all different molding / face plates eg:

this is the standard one used in the uk, i personally think its the most effective one as it does not look out of place, i have other skimmers available just ask witch one you want.. 

Now for the price list, 
standard skimmer USB (as shown above ) including delivery £250
Skimmer Bluetooth with delivery £300
GSM skimmer with delivery £400 

Email me to order at : 
do not ask to meet in person for security reasons. 
i require full payment via .. PAYPAL

- Stores up to 2000 swipes

- Contains a rechargeable internal battery which lasts for approximately 2 days
before it dies (53 to 54 hours none stop)

- Battery takes about 4 hours to fully charge, charges by plugging skimmer in.

- All data read is time stamped by time, seconds, day, month and year.

- Reads both bi-directional swipes (this means this skimmer will read cards when they go in and also when they are pulled out.

- The button to power on and off skimmer is at the backside.

- Contains a green and red LED to show when it reads and gives errors on
the back of bezel.

- Skimmer is password protected, this means you cannot collected the dumps from it without a password. This works good for people who work with partners they may not trust.

- Comes with full manual and software included in the package.

- Backside of bezel that sticks to the machine is completely flush (flat).

- Backside of the slot in the bezel is open more so a card can slide right
back inside the bezel without problems

- Bezel is filled with special hard epoxy to protect the electronics from breaking and
to insure no wires ever come lose.


  • I have professional skimmers at none rip-off prices as i am based in the uk and there for i can off shipping free of charge.
  • I have many years of experience in the skimming game and can tell you that once you have the basic knowledge and support (which i will provide if you purchase any product off me ) you can make £1000`s.
  • I have everything you need to set up and get to work available  for very low prices, the reason i can offer low prices on all skimming equipment is because i am not looking to make £100`s of pounds profit on you, i make £1000`s of pounds weekly and am just trying to pass on my knowledge and help.
Skimmer Explained

In this page i will explaine what is atm skimmer and how it works

What is atm skimmer ?

ok atm skimmer what is it ? atm skimmer is a device place over the original card slot to capture the card info with this info you can then use a card writer (msr) to write on blank cards and do withdraw or do purchase . now atm skimmers come in different ways to record the card info you have the regular or sometimes call normal skimmers to the highly sophiscated gsm skimmers and this is regard the best and safest skimmer to be in use today.

1st. Normal skimmers it capture card info and store in memony after u collect the skimmer then you use a software program to download the data to laptop or computer .

2nd. Bluetooth skimmers .bluetooth skimmers collect card info and transmit the info by using bluetooth signal to a nearby laptop where you will "see" then card info and you store info for later write to cards .this not very safe as you need to be in range with the bluetooth signal usually around 100 to 300 meters .

3rd. Gsm skimmers ,gsm skimmer is the latest design highly safe to use you can install skimmer in uk and you be in singapore receiving the info ,gsm skimmers use gsm network where you prepgrogram a phone number in the skimmer and when it capture data it will automatic send out the data by sms using gsm network to the phone number you preprogram

and how do i get the pin number ?

1st camera .you instal a camera on top of the pin pad to record the pin when someone use the atm usualy a pin hole camera is use but now in the market have lots of small camera like the"gum camera "because it look like a pack of chewing gum or the "pen cam" or now there are also gsm camera or mms camera these gsm also use gsm network to send video to a preprogram phone no and this also very safe to use 

2nd pin pad. you can now also use pin pad discuise as original parts of the atm .you place the modify pin pad over the original it will then capture the pin number when someone use the atm and also like the skimmers it comes in different types too normal whereby it store pin numbers in memory ,bluetooth it sends data to a laptop nearby and the highly sophiscated gsm which use the gsm network to send pins number through gsm network by sms 

now the big question ,HOW DO I MAKE MONEY ???

ok example u install atm skimmers you manage to collect 100 atm or credit cards info with pins and example each cards you are able to withdraw average of usd500 from each cards so thats 100 cards X usd500 = thats usd 50,000 (fifty thousand us dollars) and all this in 1 week works and you cankeep ondoing this from country to country .